Where Do Women go to Kick Ass in RI?

Black Diamond Mixed Martial Arts is where. At BDMMA women’s only kickboxing classes are now being offered for women seeking to lose weight, improve their fitness level, and/or simply learn kickboxing technique. Not only do they have womens only kickboxing classes but private lessons are also an option if you really want to get into it.

BDMAA is also a great venue for these classes. there are great coaches and a newly renovated facility. The facility is located in the peacedale mill complex in South Kingstown, RI. There are even a whole bunch of free incentives for signing up for classes. For more detailed information on these classes you can visit the BDMMA site HERE

Kickboxing and Fitness

The biggest reason for a lot of women to join a kickboxing class is fitness. Whether it is to lose weight or to gain some muscle and definition kickboxing can provide a great workout for anybody. The reason is because kickboxing is such a full body workout. Kicking, Punching, elbowing and kneeing takes a lot of energy. And just common sense will tell us that the more energy you use the more calories you will burn and more muscle you will potentially build.

The class environment is also a great motivation for working out. Sometimes working out alone just gets boring, you lose interest, start making excuses, and eventually just stop going all together. Just having one friend there to motivate you can be extremely helpful but a whole class of people kicking and working hard and sweating can be great motivation to push yourself and keep at the classes to improve yourself.

Lastly the program is referred to as the Black Diamond Women’s Fitness Boot Camp which should tell you something about the program. There is more to the classes than just kickboxing. These classes implement workouts that help build muscles that are needed to hit harder and move faster. This means that abdominal, leg, and buttox muscles are all focused on in addition to the kickboxing workout.

Learning Technique

Its sad but women are stereotyped as not being able to hit hard or fight well, we’ve all heard the phrase “hits like a girl”. Taking some kickboxing classes can teach you how to correctly punch or kick and adversary, whether it be in sport or in a real life situation. The kicking part of kickboxing can be especially useful for women, who have  a naturally strong lower body and somehow always seem to be more flexible than men.

Knowing kickboxing technique can certainly come in handy for anybody in a dire situation. God forbid anyone ever has to use fighting techniques they have learned to truly defend themselves, but knowing what you are doing when faced with a threat can change the encounter completely. If someone was coming at you with bad intentions and you knew the kick from the video below, I think your attacker would start to think twice about their target.


What is the best body type for fighting?

No two people are a like and in a sport such as mixed martial arts where all you have is what you were put onto this earth with those differences can make or break the fight. Some people are naturally bigger or stronger than others while some are smaller but more agile. In mixed martial arts one needs to be able to recognize where they can use their body type to their own advantage to come out on top.

The three basic body types, ectomorph mesomorph and endomoprh

There are three main body types that one can fall into, ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. An ectomorph has a narrower body, short torso, longer arms and legs, and longer thinner muscles. Mesomorphs have a broad chest and shoulders with solid muscle mass. Lastly an endomorph has softer muscle with rounded features and generally more fat storage.


An ectomorph can be classified as the smaller quicker men of the fighting world. Although they lack large muscles and the strength of other body types they can make up for it with their reach and/or speed and agility. A fighter like Anderson Silva can use his reach and agility to stand up with anyone that foolishly tries to compete with his striking ability. However the trade off is that usually the smaller muscle mass relates to hindered grappling performance.

The poster-boy for this body type should be Manny Pacquiao. He is a boxer and not an MMA fighter but regardless his case should be made. Even though he is clearly smaller than his opponents his speed and unrelenting striking can keep almost anybody at bay as seen below.


A mesomorph is the typical athletic body type that one thinks of for someone such as a linebacker, built like a brick s**t house. Their broad chest and shoulders provide a great anchor for their bulkier muscles. Their striking capability lacks overall agility and speed but that doesn’t mean that their strikes cant be fast and brutal. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson would fall into this category and he is known for his power and knockout capabilities in the ring.

In the grappling game this body type generally has the advantage over the other body types as well. Since they generally have shorter bulkier muscles they have more control over their appendages when working the ground game.


An endomorph is not the body type that one normally expects to be an athlete or a MMA fighter. However, linemen in football take advantage of this body type and in recent times one fighter in particular, Roy “Big Country” Nelson, has taken full advantage of this body type when fighting in the octagon. The bulk associated with this body type can be tossed around and used to add power to compensate for lack of speed. Another advantage is that the extra fat generally stored by this body type proved a layer of protection and could easily get in the way of attacks in grappling.

So Which is Best?

In short no one body type can be listed as the best for fighting in MMA.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The best fighter knows what his body is capable of and how to use that to his advantage over the other fighter, who if he is any good will be using his own body type to his advantage. He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior -Confucius.