Different Triangle Chokes in MMA

Triangle Chokes From Everywhere

The triangle choke is so easy you can celebrate while doing it

I have said it before and ill say it again, triangle chokes are awesome. They are a triple threat submission: quick, simple, and effective. With some know how and some flexibility triangle chokes can be your greatest friend in the submission game. There are so many positions that triangle chokes can be performed from it is disgusting. You could learn how to do only triangle chokes and probably still be able to submit somebody from three quarters of the positions you found yourself in.

Of course the good old triangle choke from a closed guard is what many people in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu learned first, and it really teaches all the fundamental concepts of all the the different variations of it. If you don’t know or want to brush up on some basic technique CLICK HERE. Any guys who didn’t click the link because they think they have it down already, you might want to brush up on your technique… trust me.

Mounted Triangle

Many people in mixed martial arts might prefer to simply punch there opponent in the face when they get to a mount position. However this option is not present in strictly grappling tournaments. A mounted triangle is a great submission  to perform from the mount.  You maintain your center over your opponent the whole time from the mount and you have both of your hand free to work with. This combination is great for maintaining your dominant position throughout the submission.

CLICK HERE for a full mounted triangle tutorial.

Half Guard Triangle

Although there are a lot of feasible sweeps from half guard, being on bottom in half guard does not always leave you very many good options for a submission move. But of course there is a sneaky way to pull off a triangle choke with a little quickness. This would not be an easy technique to finish under real conditions but it shows how quick and unexpectedly the triangle choke can be applied.

Side Control? No Problem!

When you are on top in side control you have very many options. One is to transition to mount and work from there. However you can skip that phase completely and go right into, that’s right you guessed it, a triangle choke

Bottom side control is not the first position you would try and perform a triangle from. Well its not, but a reverse triangle choke certainly is. This move is slightly complicated and relies and your opponent trying to gain control of your arm from side control. But add this one to your playbook to surprise your opponents.

Still More…

We can’t always lock in a triangle choke, but even a failed attempt can be salvaged. This video shows how to turn a failed attempt from closed guard into a sweep and then easy submission. The ending submission in the video is a type of kimura armbar; but I’m sure you could find a way to change that up into a mounted triangle if you so choose.

I implore anyone who has seen all of these types of triangle chokes to keep learning about them! There are so many more variations of them. I only picked a couple of them to talk about but they can be a martial artists best friend if you know them well enough.

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