Closed Guard Sweeps and Submissions

Using the Hip Bump for Sweeps and Subs

the first part of the Hip Bump sweep

The closed guard is not all that bad of a position to be in for jiu-jitsu and can even be to your advantage. however in straight mma competition a strong opponent can seriously hurt you even when he is trapped in your closed guard with strikes. The hip bump is a good technique to use when trying to escape this position and with good technique it doesn’t even require a lot of effort on your part.

In addition to being a good sweep setup the hip bump can be combined with a bunch of submission techniques making it a very versatile attack from the bottom. This makes it especially useful to add to your arsenal of attacks. Especially if your in mixed martial arts and are taking a lot of punishment from the bottom of closed guard.

The Sweep

The hip bump sweep from closed guard can be extremely effective if used correctly. The technique is not even that complicated but in practice it can be much harder than when your reading how to do it. First you break your feet around the opponent and sit up into him. While you sit up you twist and grab (for example) the opponent’s right arm with yours. You simultaneously post up on your opposite hand pushing your hips and chest into your opponent.

The closer your are to your opponent the more control you have over them. You then use your legs and arms to sweep the opponents legs and twist them down at the same time. Also this sweep puts you in a mount position on your opponent which is one of the most dominating positions in a fight. For an in depth explanation and video of this hip bump sweep basic technique click here

The Submissions

What makes this sweep so deadly is quick transition to a variety of separate submissions. One submission that works very fluidly from this sweep is the kimura lock. When you sit up and twist to grab the opponent’s arm you have it pretty well isolated. You use your planted arm to grab your opponents wrist and rotate it behind the opponent’s back while turning off to the side to get a greater range of motion over your opponent’s arm.

Another submission that works great from this sweep is the guillotine choke. this is especially true when your opponent counters your advance by driving into you with his shoulder. Instead of grabbing your opponent’s arm with the up hand you reach it behind your opponents head and around to his neck. when your opponent pushes back into you you can slide your hips back and lock in the choke and seatbelt to finish the submission.

Still further is the omoplata which is a more advanced move and more difficult to use in a fight successfully. However because it is not used often it has a higher chance of catching the opponent off guard. Another thing is that this submission starts off just like the kimura submission but obviously ends as the omoplata.



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