Bellator Comes to Rhode Island

Bellator 81 at URI’s Ryan Center

Bellator Fighting Championship

Everyone knows the Rhody Rams love to go hard, and one of their favorite places to get together and do this is at their on campus arena, The Ryan Center. This will be the perfect site for the upcoming Bellator Fighting Championship’s Bellator 81. This is their debut promotion in Rhode island as well. The fight will be taking place on November 16th and the main card will air live on MTV2.

Everybody and their mother knows about the UFC, because it is the largest mma promotion worldwide. However, Bellator was founded in 2008 and is now the second largest mma promotion in the USA and largest tournament based mma promotion in the world. Bellator has hosted six seasons of tournaments and they have all been very interesting.

Here are some highlights from the heavyweight match-ups of Bellator 75, with a funny but uneventful end to one matchup.


The Bellator Tournament Style

The main aspect that differentiates Bellator from other promotions is the tournament style. The fighters compete in a bracket style tournament that takes place over a few months. The winner of this bracket is given the chance to compete against the current champion of the same weight class for the world championship. The idea behind this tournament style can be summed up through their motto “Where title shots are earned, not given.”

The rules for Bellator are essentially the same as the UFC except for the small change that no elbows are allowed in the tournament and only allowed in the championship competition. This is because the tournament takes place over a relatively short period of time and elbows can easily cause cuts. A persistant cut could end or strongly influence the fights as they got closer to the title belt. However in the last fight the elbows rule is thrown out the window for the a more no holds barred match-up.

The Champions and the Ship

There are current champions in the Bantamweight, Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, and Light Heavyweight Divisions. Since Bellator is a worldwide promotion the champion is crowned the world champion of their weight class. The tournment going on now is season seven of the Bellator Fighting Championships and includes the featherweight, lightweight, welterweight, and heavyweight division. This means that their will be a brand new heavyweight champion crowned at the end of this current tournament since there is no current champion.

The fight card for the night of Bellator 81 has not yet been announced. However im sure mixed martial arts fans are already buying their tickets and once the fighters are announced even more people will be enticed to see the show.

Fight Night

November 6th should be a great night for Bellator, being their debut appearance in the state of Rhode Island. Tickets are already on sale on ticketmaster starting at 35$. Students of URI can also purchase tickets for 20$ at the Ryan Center Box Office. The Ryan Center is one hell of an arena that has hosted all of the URI basketball games and is where concerts are held for mainly URI students. The atmosphere is great inside the Ryan center and you can count on college students showing up to see the fight. This means that the show will definitely be met with a heck of a response from an jacked up crowd.

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