The uppercut in mixed martial arts

The Deadly Uppercut

Kimbo Slice knows how to land the uppercut do you?

In boxing or mixed martial arts the uppercut is a very strong and quick punch that can be thrown. It is a very short range attack and relies on more upward movement of the body rather than rotational. This is a great punch for shorter stockier fighters who seek to come inside the reach of an opponent and then strike him. It is also a lethal strike if used as a well timed counter when your opponent’s chin is open.

There are two variations to this punch, the rear and lead uppercut. As with most other strikes the rear variation is slower and more powerful while the lead is quicker but sacrifices power. Also unlike a hook or a cross there is really no rotational power but instead the force is generated by the quads, core muscles in the back, and shoulder muscles thrusting the striking hand upwards.

This video demonstrates mostly the lead uppercut but CLICK HERE to see how to better utilize the rear uppercut

Knockout Power

That video is a perfect example of what they tell you not to do when throwing an uppercut, drop your blocking arm and wind up slowly, but he go away with it so I have to give that to him. However this video also points towards the knockout power of the uppercut. It is a strike designed to be a quick decider in a fight.

The fact that the uppercut delivers the explosive power of your legs and back is why it carries the knockout power that it does. Also the angle of the strike is a factor in this. The upwards angle is perfect for striking the jaw which is the money zone for knockouts. Also if the opponent is guarding his face a lot because he cant handle your punches you could sneak an uppercut through his guard and catch his jaw.

When Can You Strike

Throwing errant uppercuts is not a very good idea. You need to be in pretty close proximity to the opponent to hit him with one. On the flip side this means your well within his striking range as well, and that is why timing is very important.

Having your opponent up against the cage in a mixed martial arts fight or the ropes in a boxing fight are good times to throw an uppercut. In this position your opponent cannot back away to dodge so you can work a very close quarters striking game and utilize the uppercut. Also as previously mentioned you can, if your lucky, sneak an uppercut through someones guard when they’re unprepared.

Also the uppercut can be used as a counter strike. The link earlier in the post goes into using the rear hook as a counter strike and combo strike. When the opponent strikes he naturally moves closer to you. Or if the opponent tries to duck underneath your strikes he puts his face in an ideal spot to be tagged with an uppercut. The rear uppercut is especially useful in this situation because if executed properly the counter gives you the time you need for the slower more powerful strike; hopefully knocking out your opponent in the process.

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