Mount escapes in mixed martial arts

Escaping The Mount

This guy is definitely not having fun being mounted…

Nobody wants to be mounted whether it is in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts, or a real life situation. Of course in a real life situation or mixed martial arts this is an especially bad position to be because more than likely your getting punched and elbowed in the face. Getting out of this situation is crucial if you let yourself get into it and have any hope of winning.

For basic position your opponent will probably try to get as high up on your torso and under your arms as possible to reduce your chances of escaping. Because of this your only option is to not let this happen. The shoulder walk is really the essential technique to quickly gaining some room to have the opportunity to escape from the mount. This is essentially just using your shoulder blades like little legs to scoot yourself back in an upside down army crawl. The lower the opponent’s body is on your torso the more power your hips have over his body and freedom your arms have.

The Buck and Roll

The buck and roll escape is a very good escape to have in your arsenal because it is fast and effective if done correctly. Getting your opponent int the right position is the key for successfully completing this move. You need his hips to be as close to yours as possible and him leaning forward because when you buck you need to get your opponent to come forward and stabilize himself with his arms so you can then take out his base.

Taking out his base is done by quickly grasping one of the opponent’s arms with yours and pulling it into you body. After this you need to implement the roll to finish off the escape. The body position and weight distribution is awkward to explain in text but the video below is very clear. After watching the video it will be more clear, but you can also trap the side of the leg you roll to so that it is easier to turn your opponent over.

This position is also great because it puts you in a top full guard position with one of your opponent’s arms already isolated for a submission attempt.

Knee to Elbow Escape

The Knee to elbow escape is another mount escape but it requires a little more finesse to execute successfully. It starts by getting onto your side while under your opponent. While in this position you first isolate your opponents foot in from of you with your legs, this puts you in a quarter guard position. From here you simply need to rotate your hips and switch your legs to be in half guard with a the lockdown.

This mount escape is especially useful for jiu-jitsu users or grapplers because you can go from an extremely bad situation, full mount, to a half guard which isn’t half bad. Also if the hips are swung through quickly and you have a more powerful approach you can almost go straight through to dogfight position from this escape.

Never too much knowledge

Because you can never know to much about a position, and knowing more about such a bad position as bottom mount is probably better to know even if its just in the back of your mind. This site HERE has more on the basics of half guard bottom positioning as well as some other escapes.

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