Children in Martial Arts

Should You Get Your Kids into Martial Arts

These kids definitely chose to practice at a martial arts school

Every parent seems to look for sports to get their children interested in because it definitely leaves lasting impressions on you competing in sports as a kid. So why not try getting them interested in a kids martial arts school. The traditional martial arts like judo, taekwondo, karate, aikido, jiu jitsu, etc. all instill the same basic values and discipline. And this school does not have to comprise of sending your child off under the tutelage of some Mr. Miyagi   Martial arts are a great activity to get kids into even at a young age.

Attitude Adjustment

Most parents would love to set their kids straightened out, either through some at home punishment or perhaps even military school. However getting kids involved in martial arts classes at an early age can teach them a great deal of self discipline and self control. This comes from the very structured learning environment of a martial arts school. The sensei’s commands and teaching style teach children to listen to and respect authority figures as well

Children with ADD and ADHD can also benefit from practicing the martial arts. Many parents are reluctant to give their children pills that they don’t need and this could be a good alternative. The structured environment and the mind and body discipline taught by these types of martial arts can be very beneficial in helping focus and concentration.

Keeping Kids Healthy and Safe

One big issue lately has been the rise in obesity in Americans. Diet is one way of controlling this issue but excessive is essential to keep in shape as well. Adult martial arts classes are more fitness oriented, usually because it is more competition oriented as well. Children’s martial arts classes help them develop their muscles at a steady pace and doesn’t overwork them either.

Also Kids tend to be clumsy, they’re kids its what they’re good at. Getting them started of in martial arts as a child can teach them balance and help develop the muscles used for it. Also simple things like learning how to fall properly and reacting instead of shying away can help avoid injuries in everyday activities.

Self-esteem is also very important for a child to have. The individual attention and friendly competition between peers can help a child gain his/her self-esteem. In addition to this, The children are always taught discipline and self-control first and foremost in the martial arts. This self discipline helps children learn to keep their emotions in check and become more humble and more altruistic.


Another important aspect of children taking mixed martial arts classes is the self-defense learned. This might only be of menial importance at really young ages and only come in handy durring school yard shenanigans. However if he/she likes it and wants to stick with it until they’re older they can learn some practical self defense techniques. Even the general knowledge of the martial art from childhood combined with a grown body can help a lot.

For a local children’s martial arts school in Rhode Island Click HERE

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