Using the Teep Kick in Mixed Martial Arts

This Is Sparta

There is no better example of a well timed teep kick than by King Leonidas in the movie 300.

Although he looked cool doing it, it is of course not a very good technical representation of the strike. The teep kick, or thrust kick is a surprisingly versatile strike to add to your arsenal. It is also a good kick for powerful fighters with shorter stockier legs who aren’t going to be throwing any ridiculous kung fu kicking combos. A teep kick also has variations which make it an offensive as well as a defensive strike.

A more traditional kick involves a lot of hip rotation and rotational speed to generate power. A teep kick however is very different and involves a more of a straight shot style. The power is generated from the quad of the kicking foot as well as thrusting the whole body forward towards the opponent through the hips. This puts the force of the whole body into the kick. There are three main variations of the teep kick as well which are all very similar. Those along with the basics of the teep kick are explained in this video

Lead Teep Kick

A lead teep kick is generally a very defensive strike. It can be executed quickly and with a good amount of power. It is generally used to keep thee opponent away from you when he moves in close. Almost like a jab but in kicking form. This can also be used as a quick body shot to wear down the opponent.

Rear Teep Kick

What a left jab is to a lead teep kick a straight right is to rear teep kick. This strike can generate more power than a lead teep making it a more effective offensive weapon. Staying on the balls of your feet and leaning into the opponent is especially important for this strike. The greter transfer of weight in the rear teep kick is what leads to the increase in power.

This strike can be extremely powerful but is kind of slow and is a pointed strike that could be easily dodged by a quick moving opponent on his toes. Also this strike can be a very powerful body strike if it connects with the right spot on the body. Directly under the ribs in the center of the torse there is a spot called the solar plexus. This is a nerve center that controls breathing and such. If struck with enough force it causes muscle spasms which interrupt breathing temporarily.

Lean Teep Kick

A leaning teep kick is a longer range strike but similar in usage to a lead teep kick.  It is a quick strike which can be performed with either the lead or rear foot, the lead being quicker and the rear being more powerful. The strike is good for keeping an opponent at a good distance from you if he has a long reach or kickboxing skills.

Also because you natrualy lean back durring this kick it takes you out of punching range. This gives the opportunity for a quick counterstrike to the body. However the right technique is needed because if you are not effectively out of the oppoenents punching range the engagement could end bad for you.

Dont Miss

A teep kick is not an all powerful move, it can be blocked and it can be countered. The video below shows examples of counters to the teep kick. An opponent that is prepared for it can lean into you so the kick does not gain as much power and slide off the kick or hold the foot. Imagine an overhand right  following up a failed teep kick attempt that renders you defenseless.

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