UFC 151 Jones Vs. Henderson

Bones Vs. Hendo

tThe upcoming UFC match is sure to be an intense fight between two great contenders. Jon “Bones” Jones is set to defend his UFC light heavyweight title against Dan “Hendo” Henderson. Both of these fighters have proved to be forces inside the ring in multiple mixed martial arts arenas. Henderson being a shot, stocky power based fighter has the experience to back up this title shot. While on the other hand Jones is a newcomer who has quickly proven himself to be one of the most dangerous men in the ring.

The Contender

Henderson was born in 1970 and started his professional career back at UFC 17. Since then has competed in multiple Pride, King of Kings, and UFC events racking up a professional record of 28-9-0 to date. In addition to this Henderson has also competed in Olympic greco-roman wrestling in addition to numerous other international greco-roman wrestling events.

On the mixed martial arts stage Dan Henderson is an animal in the ring. Compared to Jones he is shorter, has a smaller wingspan, and has a stockier build. However Henderson is known for the pure power he hold in his fist. The best display of this potential knockout power is seen in his fight against Michael Bisping which won him the knockout of the year award in 2009.

Henderson’s experience in the ring is probably his greatest asset against the relatively inexperienced light heavyweight champion. Henderson was even quoted referring to him as “sloppy” in reference to his technical mma skills. However Jones is explosive and unpredictable so even if he is slightly sloppy Henderson will have to use all his experience to his advantage.

The Defender

Jon “Bones” Jones was born in 1987, making him significantly younger than Henderson, and has an almost impeccable record in professional mma of 16-1-0; having only one loss by DQ to Matt Hamill. He is an explosive and unpredictable striker that is known for using spinning backfists, spinning back kicks, flying knees, and devastating elbows. However for someone who is known as a striker he has ended a good portion of his fights by submission as well.

In his fight against Henderson, Jones will need to avoid his opponent’s powerful punches; his agility and distinct reach advantage will be his strength in this match. His own striking capability is on par with the best as well and could easily catch Henderson off guard like it has so many fighters before. Another interesting fact is that the UFC website has it listed that he has avoided 100% of take down attempts. Going up against an international greco-roman wrestler could break this streak though.

Jones gave a revealing pre-fight interview on UFC.com. Jones in no way is underestimating Henderson, and actually respects him very much calling him “an animal” and “a winner’. He is also very confident in his own abilities and wont give up his belt easily.

Jones has become the youngest member of the UFC to win and to defend a UFC Championship Belt. However, this has done nothing to deter the critics to point out his inexperience in the ring. Also he has exchanged words, over social media of course, with the infamous Chael Sonnen and some people suspected it would take his mind off the fight. His final response to this was very interesting.

Jones statement was “For everyone who thinks I’m ‘falling into chaels game’ I know exactly what I’m doing..#AreYouNotEntertained“. Jones is no idiot, he knows whats going on and is certainly keeping his mind focused on Henderson. This attitude might be his secret behind his unorthodox style of fighting as well. He seems like he is out there throwing errant strikes but he knows exactly what he is doing, which can be backed up by his 16-1 record in the ring.

Who Will Win?

It is anybody’s fight but i would like to think that Jon Jones will be able to defend his title. But Henderson also seems to be a pretty good counter for Jones’ style as well. The world will find out on September 1st at UFC 151.

  1. jumpingpolarbear said:

    That right hand of Hederson’s is amazing. I wonder if he can land it against Jones :).

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