Using mixed martial arts to get in shape

The Mixed Martial Arts Workout Plan

Mixed martial artists are known for being in great condition. An MMA fight is a grueling endeavor that puts strain on every muscle group in the body because of the complexity of motion required to do a wide variety of moves plus the energy it takes to do them. However even if your not the next Anderson Silva or Georges St-Pierre you can use this sport as a great way to stay active and healthy

The Workout

A full mixed martial arts workout is a very diverse workout that trains many muscle groups in one sitting. This is because it is not only the large muscles that are needed in this style of competition but also the small muscles needed for the finer movements and overall control. This combination of strength and explosive power is the key behind the MMA workout plan. By exercising smaller, and most of the time previously unused, muscles one can gain a lot of formerly unknown strength.

One other benefit of an mma workout is that it is almost always a full body exercise. Punching, kicking, plyometrics, isometrics, grappling exercises all combine to workout pretty much all the muscle groups you can think of. Along with focusing on various muscle groups the training is always high intensity which makes you push yourself beyond your limits to get in even better shape. Although they can be very tough a full body exercise is great for burning calories because it takes a lot of energy to use all the muscles in your body.

Lastly the type of muscle that is being built up in an mma workout is generally considered to be “lean muscle”. Lean muscle is really just muscle mass that isn’t overly bulky but is well defined and full of power. This comes from the low/no weight hi-rep environment of an mma workout which focuses on body movement and control over purely pumping iron.

This is a video of Jon “Bones” Jones’ workout in preperation for a fight. Of course his workout is extremely intense because him, like most other professional athletes, are freaks of nature.


Another great part of the mma workout is the cardiovascular benefits. A lot of people tend to only consider running or cycling for their cardio workouts. Although there is a lot of running done by mma competitors, lets face it its probably the most fundamental workout one can do, there are other types of cardio that one encounters in mma training.

Circuit training is often used in mma training.  This workout consists of a low weight high repetition style of weightlifting where four or five different excessive are performed one after the other, again focusing on different muscle groups throughout. Also boxing/kickboxing is known to be one of the best cardio workouts around and that is always part of an mma workout. Cardio is another great way to trim fat off your physique and increase your overall health as well.

Snack Pack to Six Pack

Doesn’t everyone wish they could have a six pack as defined as Georges St-Pierre’s

I challenge anybody to find a professional fighter that doesn’t have core muscles made of wrought iron. These fighters have strong cores because it is essential to performing like they do. This means that an mma workout will practically always include a tailored abdominal workout. Abdominal exercises can be very hard but also are a main component of the mma workout.

However an ab workout isn’t nearly enough for a professional fighter to build up his core strength. The very nature of the sport demands and builds core strength, just like almost every other physical activity to some extent. You use your core to twist for a punch, to rotate your hips when you kick, and for almost any movement you do in a grappling situation. So if you want to try and build up to a strong defined midsection, an mma workout is for you.

Also for information on diet tailored fro this type of exercise click here

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