Using Striking In An MMA Fight

Striking in MMA

Perfect example of a Knockout Strike in MMA

In mixed martial arts one of the most effective ways to end a fight is by knockout or TKO and the best, and pretty much only, way to do that is with striking. An effective striking game will change the way an opponent tries to fight you and the strength of your own fighting game. Striking is also extremely versatile in the sport of MMA because of the use of all the limbs, the small gloves, and the presence of the ground game.

The basics of striking in MMA are pretty simple. Many fighters in MMA have backgrounds in grappling anyway and learn the basic boxing and muay thai techniques at first. There are so many ways to use striking in MMA though it can take a lot of practice to get good at it from all angles.

Basic Stand Up Striking

In MMA there are a few basic strikes that are used throughout the different levels of competition. The most basic of which being the jab. A jab in MMA is a lot different from a job in boxing though. IN MMA the jab is more versatile because of the damage it can cause, unlike in boxing due to the heavily padded gloves.  The jab is a great way to kee an opponent at a distance you are comfortable with until you plan to strike. or also a quick and effective counterpunch.

Uppercuts, hooks, and overhand punches can all become deadly weapons every time they’re used in MMA. The minimal padding on the gloves reduces any cushion and allows each punch to be a possible killer. Landing solid strikes on the jaw or head of the opponent cause massive damage and can easily quickly change the tides of a fight.

Body strikes are also used very frequently. In strict boxing body shots are used to slowly wear away at an enemy’s stamina and are used in the same way in MMA fights. however because of the minimally padded gloves and use of knees and kicks the body shot becomes and even more effective stamina destroying machine. And with a strong enough strike to the liver or floating ribs an opponent can be frozen in place.

KIcks and knees are also implemented in MMA fights with devastating results. Nimble fighters can use leg kicks to ruin an opponent’s strong stand up game or quickly land a kick to the head and end the fight in one foul swoop. The knee is another powerful strike that can be used to wear away at an opponent’s body, or if times correctly their hed as well.

Ground and Pound

One aspect that makes the sport of MMA trully great is the ground and pound. When on the ground in a grappling situation one has the option to try and knock the opponent out. An untrained fighter could only be opening himself to further submissions or sweeps when trying to ground and pound. However when used correctly the ground and pound is a great way fro a powerful fighter to dominate a fight on the ground when on top of an opponent. There is nowhere for the opponent to go once you have him on the ground underneath you and eating your fist.

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