UFC 148 Silva Vs. Sonnen II Results

Silva Defends Title Against Sonne

What was being hyped up one of the best UFC matches of the year took place on July 7th at MGM Grand Garden Arena. The night opened up with some good preliminary fights, one of which being Forrest Griffin’s win over Tito Ortiz. However when the main even came up The UFC middle weight champion defended his title very well against the contender.

The Pre-fight

Last time these two fought, the first time, there was a high volume of trash talking and chest bumping going on between these two fighters. Therefor for their grudge match it was no surprise that these two were going at it again. There were multiple incidences of each of them going off on each other during press conferences and the likes. This culminated in Anderson Silva deciding instead of having the traditional stare down with Sonnen he was going to go at him.

Sonnen, unsurprisingly, was not intimidated to these advances from Silva. If anything it simply pissed him off more for the ensuing battle. In one interview he was sounding awfully confident saying multiple times that he would, “Find a way to win” regardless of the circumstances. Before this fight he seemed amped up enough to take on just about anybody.

The Match

At the begging of the match these two were both ready to fight, it was a fight for the title so obviously they came prepared. Sonnen was jacked up off Silva’s taunts and Silva was ready to get back at Sonnen for the multiple occasions he badmouthed him.

Out of the gate the two did not touch gloves, but they did come out swinging. The champion through a strong punch but was taken down early in the fight. On the ground Sonnen looked like he was going to finish what he started. On the ground he was relentless with his strikes from the second he got Silva to the ground. Sonnen even got to a full mount position close to the end of the first round. However Sonnen was unable to stop the fight even with his dominant first round.

In the second round the fight started off again with Sonnen trying to take the fight to the ground, but he was unsuccessful this time. Sonnen did have Silva pressed up against the cage and seemed to have the fight going his way. Then Silva created some space and Sonnen tried for a spinning backfist, bad choice against the spider. After Silva ducked the punch, Sonnen went down against the cage. A swift knee by Silva stunned him enough for Silva to move in and finish the fight with his fists; winning by TKO.


Silva defended his title for the tenth time in UFC 148 and remains undefeated in the UFC as well. Anderson Silva has agian proved hes a force to be reckoned with int he octagon but next he will face off against Chris Weidman or Mark Munoz who are both excellent fighters and have a chance to finally dethrone the champion.

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